Our Objectives


Our Objectives

Teaching Children

To offer excellent Biblical, Christ centred educational institutions in Port Moresby and to provide a base for teaching children in Papua New Guinea and the whole of the South Pacific region.

Training Teachers

To provide a central base for ongoing teacher development for those who are currently teaching, and to train those who desire to be teachers.

To provide a base for the training of “LANT’s” (Literacy and Numeracy Trainees), for people from villages that are willing to learn to teach basic literacy and numeracy skills back in their home villages and surrounding areas.

Bulding Communities

The building of communities will occur primarily through schools and health education programmes, including English as a second language and life shill development (leadership skills, finances, conflict resolution etc.) to people of all ages.

Education in Papua New Guinea

Recently the Government has acknowledged the desperate need for help in educating their children and have asked churches and other organisations to help provide schooling.

A lack of access to education leaves the children disadvantaged with few opportunities and options for their future in an ever changing country. This lack of education is self-perpetuating and nation destroying.

Teacher training is also a major issue with many teachers under qualified or holding no qualifications at all. A substantial percentate of teachers have not fully completed their own secondary schooling. This lack of training is a major impediment to the educative process of the next generation of leaders in Papua New Guinea.