Sunrise Bethel Christian School, PNG


Starting in 2010 we opened a new elementary school in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. This school, Sunrise Bethel Christian School,  is located on the grounds of  Bethel Tabernacle of Praise Church, which is the largest CRC Church in Papua New Guinea.

This will be our foundation, a demonstration school and teacher training facility that will see a rapid expansion of quality schools across Papua New Guinea and the Pacific region.

Sunrise Bethel Christian School has approximately 250 students and approximately 20 staff.

For further information regarding the school, please email the Principal, Rebekah Cook.

As part of this journey we are seeking partners who share a vision for Papua New Guinea and a belief that through education, nations can be built, and nations can be changed.

For further information about our school in Papua New Guinea or how you might be able to support this project, please click on this link .